Many laymen may not know, but there are design awards for the best web graphics designers as well. These awards are international and have world class judges along with winners getting many material benefits. These material benefits include trips to foreign countries, membership on some reputable organizations for web designers, invitations to annual gatherings of creative professionals from around the globe and much more. However, more than all these material benefits, there is the award presentation ceremony on stage which gives the winners a sense of recognition and pride.

The work of the web graphics designers is also published on prominent websites which the world of graphic designers refers to regularly. The best part of these awards is that they provide a sense of recognition to the professionals working behind the scenes on some of the most awesome graphic designs.

Graphic Design

A lot has been said about the significance of good graphic design in the success of a website on the World Wide Web. However, the people doing this work seldom get the limelight.

Web Design

The International web graphic design awards ensure that the best among them get the attention that they deserve. One of these awards is managed by HOW International design awards which chose 292 winners last year.

Official Website

You can see their work on the official website of HOW. There are also discounts for early birds and the process for entering your work in this competition is quite simple.

Logo designs for the august solar eclipse

On August 21st, 2017, the moon will move between the sun and the earth, creating the first complete solar eclipse that has been seen in the United States since 1979. In that year the solar eclipse was visible only in the Northwest this year the eclipse will be visible cross country. Around 200 million people live along the path of the total eclipse, and it has created quite an intrigue among the American population. There is so much excitement about it that a large number of people are designing logos for the occasion. Of course, the professional designers are doing their bit, but even amateurs and regular citizens are vying to make their designs the best.

Among the professionals, the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center’s logo have the colors navy, yellow and Carolina Blue. Although, most of the logo designer are using Black and orange and the colors for their logos the designer of the MPSC decided to make their logo look different. 


On the other hand in North Plate, the designer used shades of gray along with yellow to define the landscape and explain to the onlookers what the solar eclipse will look like to the people of North Plate.

Along with the competition for designing the best logo, many people from the neighboring regions of the path between Oregon to South Carolina are planning to travel to witness the special sight. Apart from this scientists and astronomers are making their plans to conduct experiments and study the total solar eclipse from a scientific point of view.