Popularity Of The Split-Screen Design For Home Page

The split screen technique has been present on the film scene for a long time now. In fact, it was even used in the era of silent movies and is still popular. However, in the web design industry, this is a relatively new factor. The split screen became popular only during the mid 2016s, and nowadays more and more websites are using this technique. There are a few reasons why this technology has become so popular with the web designers and internet users alike.

  • There is a very nice aesthetic quality to it. When correctly done it can enhance the user experience wonderfully.
  • It is a good choice if you want to make the framework responsive. This technique can be adapted to all types of screens including small ones. When it comes to small screens like mobile displayed the panel can be stacked
  • It helps in guiding the navigation making the website more user-friendly. With the help of simple design techniques, you can draw the user attention to a particular part of the screen or encourage them to click.

Due to the increasing popularity of split screen technology, many web graphic designers are experimenting with it to make their websites look more attractive and also be user-friendly.