When doing a bathroom remodeling project, acquiring a working knowledge of what to expect can save you time, money not to mention headaches in the process. Here are some design advice you should consider when doing your bathroom remodel.

Know Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

Create a spa like feel when doing a bathroom remodeling project Some people have no idea what a typical bathroom remodel costs so they set their expectation too high or too low. Prior to beginning your project you need to have a good perspective on the cost of your intended remodel. Know how much money you want to put in or invest. You should know that the bathroom size, the quality of the materials and the extent of the remodel will play a huge role on the final cost of your project.

Avoid Letting People See The Toilet When Opening The Door

An all white bathroom remodeling project Most of the time, bathroom doors are left open which means guests visit your home will likely see the toilet first and is not he most aesthetically pleasing thing to see, let’s face it. If you want your bathroom to have that spa-like feel, place the toilet front and center would instantly kill that. What to place? Anything but the toilet.

Correct Height for Sink

Don't forget measurements in bathroom remodeling projectsThe usual countertops are at least 32 to 34 inches off the floor. However, you need to also consider how the sink will add or take away from the weight of the countertop. If you own an above-counter vessel sink, you may want to make the counter height a bit lower for the purpose of being able to brush your teeth and wash your hands and face comfortably.

Corner Sink

If space is tight, anticipate traffic-flow issues due to how the entry door or shower door swings open. The solution suggested by a Salt Lake City bathroom remodeler is to install your sink in the corner in order to free space up.

Knowing Bathroom Dimensions (Standard)

Having correct bathroom remodeling knowledge with regard to the dimensions of a typical bathtub, the necessary space needed for a toilet etc., can help make your bathroom remodeling plans more efficient. If unsure, go visit the store and ask for measurements so you can discern which model is best.

Keep the Vintage Finish

While it is true that the goal of getting a bathroom remodel is to provide a facelift to keep the look fresh and new, there are some items that can be replaced easier than others. In older homes for instance, wall tiles may have several coats of concrete and probably wire lath. The challenging issue when it comes to removing these is the labor cost. The alternative is to simply keep the tiles and spend your hard earned money on another aspect of the remodel like installing better showers or a better heater.